Care recipient (cr) has inmvoluntary movements such as jerking which makes it hard for him her to use tableware and utensils

Try: Try using less breakable dishes and glasses try using soup plates or pasta bowls instead of flat plates avoid using tall or stemmed glasses that are top heavy try using travel cups with a cover and attached straw to prevent spills try using spoons and forks with large handles or utensils made for people with arthritis try replacing placemats with a small non-skid mat to keep dishes from slipping

Materials: Soup plates pasta bowls travel mugs with straws non-skid placemat large handle utensils or utensils made for arthritis

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References: a caregiver’s guide to huntington’s disease by huntington’s disease society of america 2011 available at www hdsa org

Keywords: Feeding jerks jerking involuntary movements tableware utensils holding fork holding spoon spills drinks eating

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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