Care recipient (cr) has difficulty putting clothes on after surgical repair of hip fracture

Try: The following steps may be taken by the cr recovering from hip fracture you may be able to help with some of the steps the cr cr’s desire for independence will have to be weighed against considerations of safety #when dressing sitting and rising keep the doctor doctor’s instructions regarding bending over the hips in mind bending over the hips and crossing a leg over the body body’s center line may re-injure a hip #moving with the aid of the walker gather clothes from the closet or drawers and place them in the walker walker’s basket use a reacher to to grab shoes or clothes you would otherwise have to stretch or bend for #sit on the bed with clothes reacher sock donner and walker close at hand sit with both legs over the edge of the bed #using the reacher and without overbending put underwear on the floor front side facing up and use the reacher to pull them up around the feet until they are close enough to be pulled to the thighs #repeat with pants stand to bring underwear and pants the rest of the way over hips or recline and shift them up a bit at a time #socks are placed on the sock donner an extended tubelike tool that opens the socks so the feet can be fed into them once a foot is in the sock the reacher can be used to adjust the socks the reacher can also be uses to grab shoes and guide them over heels if necessary once a shoe is on a foot a reacher may be used to loosen or tighten a velcro shoe strap again care must be taken not to lean too far forward over the hips even while using the reacher #reachers walkers sock donners and velcro-closing shoes can be ordered from medical supply stores and catalogs or purchased at many pharmacies it is wise to consult with a discharging doctor or physical therapist before buying a walker #wedge-shaped pillows may be suggested by a physical therapist and prescribed by a doctor to keep keep hips from dislocating the pillow may make some activities and care procedures such as bathing turning in bed dressing etc safer

Materials: Walker with basket attachment reacher sock donner shoes with velcro straps instead of laces wedge-shaped pillow if medically recommended

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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