Care recipient (cr) has a problem with snoring that result in sleep deprivation and irritability

Try: Encourage the cr to do the following eat a well-balanced diet an overweight person tends to snore more discuss medications with his or her doctor certain medications can cause snoring use the proper size pillow and only one pillow to help avoid snoring use nasal breathing strips and nasal spray that can be purchased at a drug store this may help open the nasal passages and help decrease the snoring problem sleep on the side and not the back taping a tennis ball to the back of the cr’s pajamas may prevent lying on the back use a humidifier regularly to keep the bedroom air moist if the snoring continues to be disruptive talk to a doctor about having a sleep study done the snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea or a much more serious problem

Materials: Proper pillow nasal strips humidifier nasal spray tennis ball

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