Care recipient (cr) feels sich to his her stomach and is vomiting and has diarrhea

Try: Eliminate all smells in cr cr’s home such as from food especially fish garbage or even car exhaust any of which could provoke nausea offer cr many small easy-to nibble portions of food throughout the day keep snacks such as nuts crackers or dried fruit by cr cr’s bed as eating a little bit before getting up helps counteract nausea suggest that cr rest after a meal in order to hasten digestion which will help lessen nausea if possible encourage cr to eat outside in the fresh air fresh air will help counteract nausea offer cr liquids — especially water flat ginger ale cold mint or ginger tea — which help prevent nausea suggest that cr suck lemon drops peppermint or ginger candy which helps prevent a dry sour taste which can trigger nausea try to find something for cr to focus on after meals — such as a video board game tv show or cards — to take his her mind off of nausea and help prevent it

Materials: Flat ginger ale cold mint or ginger tea salty snacks – nuts crackers dried fruit lemon drops peppermint or ginger candy board games playing cards videos

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors undergoing chemotherapy by staff writer no date

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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