Care recipient (cr) doesn’t walk very well and is very frail

Try: Try to encourage cr to move around more and do some exercise movement and exercise can help strengthen muscles and bones and diminish the balance problem however make sure cr moves carefully and safely perhaps with the help of a walker or of an attendant — either a family member or home care aide try to find some exercises on the internet or at the library that would help be sure you know how to do them properly and then guide cr while he she does them or if you live far away encourage cr to do the exercises and help find someone to work with him her to do them properly try to give cr positive reinforcement for movement while also acknowledging any pain cr may be experiencing to strengthen cr cr’s determination to keep moving as much as possible try to learn how to assist cr with mobility issues like the proper way to help him her get up from a chair couch and transferring him her onto and off of the toilet remind cr not to carry bulky loads such as laundry or garbage as these could destabilize him her try to find someone to do cr cr’s laundry as needed and to take out the garbage try to learn the proper way to fall safely and how to get up from a fall and teach these techniques to cr practicing these measures could help overcome cr’s fear of falling

Materials: Cane or walker

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with mobility problems by staff writer no date

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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