As the Care recipient (cr) ages maintaining health is important to leading a vigorous life while aging involves physical changes it doesn’t mean that the cr has to be inactive and ill many of the physical challenges associated with aging can be overcome or mitigated by eating right exercising and taking care of yourself the following are tips for eating and exercising to maintain health

Try: Load up on high-fiber fruits vegetables and whole grains as cr’s age the whole digestive system is slower so fiber is very important consume fiber-rich foods such as whole grains fruit and vegetables they will help the cr feel more energetic put effort into making food look and taste good if the cr doesn’t enjoy eating like she used to put a little more effort into meals including the flavor preparation and presentation watch out for dehydration because of physical changes older adults are more prone to dehydration so make sure the cr drinks plenty of water make meals a social event it’s more enjoyable to eat with others than alone invite people over to eat with the cr check with a doctor before starting any exercise or diet program find out if any health conditions or medications affect the cr’s diet and exercise find an activity you like and that motivates the cr may want to exercise in a group like in a sport or class or prefer a more individual exercise like swimming start slow if the cr is new to exercise a few minutes a day puts the cr well on the way towards building a healthy habit slowly increase the time and intensity to avoid injury walking is a wonderful way to start exercising exercise doesn’t have to mean strenuous activity or time at the gym in fact walking is one of the best ways to stay fit

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