Applying elastic bandages incorrectly can lead to serious problems with circulation

Try: #buy bandaging and fasteners at pharmacies or medical supply stores #elastic bandages are rolled and packed with tape metal clips or velcro if you need to re-roll a bandage roll it up with as few wrinkles as possible #expose the part of the body that needs to be wrapped and make sure the area is clean #apply the bandage to the smallest part make two circular turns around the part and then make overlapping spiral turns in an upward position smooth out any wrinkles as you wrap so that you are not folding wrinkled bandage into the wrap #make sure the bandage is not too tightly wrapped #secure the bandage in place with velcro tape or clips #check the fingers and toes for coldness or bluish discoloration or any pain #if you have any concerns about the tightness of the bandage check fingers and toes and the area around the wrap periodically to make sure the skin is warm and normal in color

Materials: Elastic bandage tape metal clip or velcro

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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