All skin covering bony areas of the body back of head ears side of face and jaw shoulders elbows hips knees ankles spine tailbone heels feet and toes can develop ulcers if pressure from body weight builds and circulation is blocked

Try: #an ulcer is a blister open sore or black spot indicating skin breakdown ulcers are difficult to heal and can be life-threatening so preventing them is the best form of care #if a Care recipient (cr) is at risk of skin breakdown sometimes called bed sores make sure he or she wears clothes that will not put extra pressure against the skin avoid fabrics such as denim or corduroy and look for clothes with few seams zippers or buttons pick soft fabrics that pull sweat away from the body such as cotton or silk in loose-fitting styles and avoid tight waistbands #keep skin clean and moisturized to keep any red or sore areas from becoming sores # provide daily skin care fill two bowls with warm water adding soap to one remove body oil sweat and any urine or fecal matter from the cr’s skin with the soapy water rinse well with the clean water afterwards put a thin layer of lotion over the body do not rub any red areas of skin when you are cleaning or putting lotion on the cr #minimize sores in the mouth by keeping the cr’s teeth gums and insides of cheeks clean with twice-daily brushing or swabbing inside the mouth take care of any dentures #a cr with mouth pain is less likely to eat and drink well and insufficient fluids and nutrition can lead to poor healing if an ulcer forms #if a cr spends a lot of time in bed or in a chair reposition him or her every 2 hours at a minimum to prevent reddened areas from becoming sores make sure the bed or chair he or she is in is adequately cushioned #if a cr has to be in a particular position for longer than two hours assist the cr to lie as flat as possible with pillows supporting the cr’s joints and with bony body parts supported above the bed for example put a flat pillow under the calves to keep the heels from resting directly on the bed or a flat pillow under the crook of the arm to keep the elbow from resting on the bed #use the extra flat sheet to turn the cr fold the flat sheet in half and place it lengthwise across the bed gently pull the sheet from behind the cr with one hand while using the other to pull the cr’s shoulder in the same direction #ulcers may form even with the best of care get help immediately #the caregiver must find time to rest while managing this degree of care

Materials: Caregiver willing to do intimate bathing gentle soap with lotion added 2 bowls several sets of towels and washcloths soft toothbrush swabs lip moisturizer clothing appropriate for immobility sheet and pillowcases extra flat sheet and extra pillows incontinence pads time for caregiver to rest

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