What what’s involved with the moving in out process how is the initial needs assessment done does assessment process include the resident family facility staff…

Try: What what’s involved with the moving in out process how is the initial needs assessment done does assessment process include the resident family facility staff along with the physician is there a written plan for the care of each resident and is there an ongoing process for assessing a resident resident’s need for services and how often are those needs evaluated inquire as to what kinds of contracts are available to you the ccrc contract is a legal agreement between you the consumer and a continuing care retirement community this agreement generally secures living accommodations and services including health care services over the long term determine what fee structure and contract option best suits you the three most common types of ccrc agreements are extensive contract this offers unlimited long-term nursing care for little or no substantial increase in your usual monthly payments modified contract this includes a specified amount of long-term nursing care beyond which you are responsible for payment fee-for-service you pay full daily rates for all long-term nursing care required find out what the payment schedule is and if the residents own or rent their unit what is the basic entrance charge and what is included for that fee what charges are extra how much is the monthly fee how often can it be increased and for what reasons is there a limit on the amount of increase per year what is the history on monthly fee increases are refunds or rate reductions ever granted under what conditions are any portions of the charges covered under long-term care insurance that the resident may already have or be eligible for are there charges that are duplicated what happens if a couple moves into an apartment and then one of them must go to the nursing home and or dies will the other one be allowed to stay in the same apartment and how will this effect rates what happens if someone wants to leave after just a few weeks or months or if they die is any portion of the entrance fee refunded to their estate what type of health and medical coverage is included in the entrance and monthly fees are dental work vision exams and routine wellness checkups included what determines when a resident is moved to a nursing care facility and who decides will the facility guarantee that nursing home care will be available on the premises or nearby when needed what rates will residents be charged for such care do billing payment and credit policies seem fair and reasonable may resident handle his own finances with staff assistance if able must a family member outside party be designated information references "continuing care retirement community ccrc checklist " available at www carepathways com

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