The Care recipient (cr) has low vision and is having trouble getting around in the kitchen

Try: Install fluorescent lighting under the upper cabinets outline the edge of the countertops with colored plumber’s tape or paint in a color that ontrasts with the work surface if the cr has tunnel vision remove cabinet doors or replace with sliding doors mark common or important settings on appliances such as on off 375 degrees with bright nail polish color or raised bump dots purchase large-print cookbooks and a timer with large numbers if reading large-print labels is difficult purchase a microwave with a sensor reheat feature which automatically reheats the food to the appropriate temperature choose the colors of kitchenware to contrast against the background color for example use forest-green dish towels against a white counter white cups for coffee or black mugs for milk white chopping boards for carrots and black chopping boards for onions place rubber bands around the milk carton so it can be distinguished from the juice carton use dinner plates with a raised lip – ideally color banded around the edge – and differently colored than the table on which they are placed use an automatic coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee to eliminate the need to pour boiling liquids and risk burns to avoid overflows when pouring liquid into a cup use a liquid level indicator that hooks onto the cup’s edge and plays a tune once the liquid reaches 0.5 inches from the top

Materials: Fluorescent lighting colored plumber’s tape bright colored paint sliding cabinet doors bright nail polish color or raised bump dots large-print cookbooks cooking timer with large numbers microwave with a sensor reheat feature rubber bands dinner plates with a raised lip 1 cup automatic coffeemaker liquid level indicator white chopping board black chopping board

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References: A adapted from household tips for people with low vision by rosemary bakker cornell university

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