Care recipient’s cr’s appetite and food preferences have changed

Try: If the cr is requesting different foods help him or her find recipes out of cookbooks and menus that sound good consider watching a cooking show on tv together and write down the recipes that are enticing help the cr construct a grocery list shop for food and prepare meals after the meal write down on the recipe whether the cr liked it or not also make notes on the recipe if any changes are needed for example less salt more meat substitute canned mushrooms for fresh etc make lists of the salads main courses side dishes and desserts that the cr likes along with a note as to where the recipe is located cook book page number recipe file etc put the lists in a notebook and refer to them in planning future meals with the cr add to the lists as you go along and try new recipes this can be a fun activity with the cr and before long you will have many new and different ideas for meals that the cr will enjoy

Materials: Cookbooks menus cooking show on tv pen pencil and paper notebook grocery list

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Keywords: Appetite aversion food feeding menu recipe

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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