Care recipient (cr) with significant vision impairment can’t easily use the microwave to heat snacks and meals because of inability to easily identify placement of numbers on the cooking panel

Try: #reinforcement rings are self-sticking lasting and made of fairly sturdy material they stick firmly to any surface and can stand up to repeated usage when stuck on even surfaces such as the face of a microwave microwave’s setting panel they rise above the surface and can be discerned with the fingertips #peel off the back of a ring and place it on the microwave microwave’s start button put another ring on the one minute button this will allow a cr with low vision or blindness to feel for the two most-frequently-used setting keys #make the rings more visible by coloring them with a permanent marker whose color contrasts with the color of the surface let the color dry before touching the ring #reinforcement rings can be bought at at office supply stores

Materials: Cloth reinforcement rings for notebook paper or divider pages

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