Care recipient (cr) with arthritis has pain when gripping a pen

Try: #first look for pens and pencils with extra wide shafts and soft grips these may be easier than hard narrow pens and pencils to use #for greater comfort purchase soft rubber grips for pens and pencils these can be found in office supply stores about two inches long they are made of a moderately spongy material and can be slipped over a pen or pencil into the place that works best for the writer #for a cr with extreme difficulty closing the hand or fingers build up a pen or pencil with a tennis ball that the cr can wrap his or her hand around as the pen or pencil is moved to write the caregiver or a friend can pierce the tennis ball through with a long narrow screwdriver so there is a hole going through each half of the ball thread the pen or pencil through the holes so the ball looks like an orange with a straw running through the middle of it and emerging out of the top and bottom of it the cr can now easily grasp the tennis ball instead of the narrower shaft of the pen or pencil to write it may take a little practice for the cr’s handwriting to adjust to the change in hand position

Materials: Extra wide pens or pencils pen or pencil grips tennis ball long narrow screwdriver caregiver or friend who can use tools

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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