Care recipient (cr) who is blind and can read braille needs help organizing home

Try: Keep paths to rooms free of clutter avoid rearranging or moving things such as tv remote or furniture if things are moved make sure they are put back in their usual place put braille markers on microwave and stove knobs use the internet to search and buy a braille labeler and label supplies use the internet to search and buy a signature guide for the cr keep pills in a braille labeled pill dispenser and place dispenser in the same place all the time put braille labels on medication bottles clothing hangers canned and boxed food items type braille instructions for cr’s medications type braille instructions for cr’s pet’s medications put braille labels on laundry soap box fabric softener bottle or box use the internet to search and buy a talking caller id use the internet to search and buy a talking clock and watch keep outside stairs and walkways free of clutter such as leaves twigs ice and snow install grab bars in the bath shower put lamps on a timer for evening time make sure windows are locked use internet to search for someone who would be willing to braille emergency phone numbers for cr use the internet to search and buy a braille typewriter place a braille phone list by each phone in the house arrange for free 411 directory assistance for cr arrange for free or reduced fare bus and cab services for cr walk cr to and from nearby stores until he or she can walk the route alone walk cr to nearest bus stop and back until he or she can walk the route alone assist cr with writing out and mailing monthly bills assist cr with keeping checking account balanced arrange for cr’s bank to pay cr’s monthly bills be at cr’s home when maintenance work or lawn care is being done for cr arrange maintenance appointments around your visiting schedule arrange for meals on wheels service for cr prepare four or five serving dishes of meals for cr that can be reheated in microwave put braille labels on prepared foods or on freezer bags

Materials: Braille labeled pill dispenser braille labeler braille labels talking caller id braille typewriter computer win an internet connection signature guide

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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