Care recipient (cr) still has a good level of energy but has trouble getting started on household chores or prioritizing tasks

Try: Help get the activity started offer support and supervision you may need to show cr how to perform the activity and provide simple easy-to-follow steps concentrate on cr not the result does it matter if the towels are folded properly not really what matters is that you were able to spend time together and that cr feels as if he she has done something useful try to be flexible when cr insists that he she doesn’t want to do something it may be because he she can’t do it or fears doing it don’t force it if cr insists on doing it a different way let it happen and change it later if necessary try to assist with difficult parts of the task if you’re cooking and cr can’t measure the ingredients finish the measuring and say would you please stir this for me try to let cr know he she is needed for example you might try asking could you please help me be careful however not to place too many demands on cr try to stress a sense of purpose if you ask cr to make a card he she may not respond but if you say that you’re sending a special get-well card to a friend and invite him her to join you cr may enjoy working on this task with you try to avoid criticizing or correcting cr if cr enjoys a harmless activity even if it seems insignificant or meaningless to you encourage him her to continue encourage self expression include activities that allow cr a chance for expression these types of activities could include painting drawing music or conversation try to involve cr through conversation while you’re polishing shoes washing the car or cooking dinner talk to cr about what you’re doing even if cr cannot respond he she is likely to benefit from your communication try substituting an activity for a behavior if cr rubs his her hand on a table provide a cloth and encourage cr to wipe the table or if cr is moving his her feet on the floor play some music so he she can tap to the beat try again later if something isn’t working it may just be the wrong time of day or the activity may be too complicated try again later or adapt the activity to cr’s mood or energy level for example instead of helping you rake the yard suggest that cr sit and fold clothes

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