Care recipient (cr) sometimes forgets how to do everyday tasks

Try: Monitor cr’s performance of daily activities adls and provide assistance only when necessary encourage cr and other caregivers to record familiar routines and habits that cr uses for future reference avoid excess dependence by providing assistance using verbal or visual cues label cupboards drawers and rooms with words and or pictures to aid independence monitor home safety issues like if cr forgets to turn stove off after baking cookies provide cr with reminders like did you remember to turn the stove off avoid doing the task for cr consider safety of living alone if cr lives alone establish ways to monitor routines like neighbors relatives routine visitors service workers such as mail carriers encourage activities that support completion of routine tasks like eating meals socially with others trips to beauty parlor or barbershop etc

Materials: Paper pen adhesive labels or paper and tape

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References: planning guide for dementia care at home a reference tool for care managers by the alzheimer’s association, south central wisconsin chapter the wisconsin alzheimer’s institute and the wisconsin bureau of aging and long term care resources division of disability and elder services department of health and family services 2004 available at www dhs wisconsin gov

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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