Care recipient (cr) no longer drives but still buys groceries and prepares meals however cr gets very confused in the grocery store can’t find items easily and frequently asks store employees for help in addition cr tends to shop impulsively and go over budget

Try: #plan two weeks worth of meals before you go to the grocery store #use the clipboard notebook paper and pen to write a detailed grocery list based on the meals that you planned write the grocery list in sections that match the way stores are laid out dairy frozen food household items soda and snacks cereals canned goods meat produce bakery etc #pick a grocery store based on accessibility affordability price quality convenience etc try to go to the same grocery store every time you shop to become familiar with the layout #place the clipboard in the shopping cart where it can be easily reached and cross off items as you find them in the store if you start at one end of the store and go up and down each necessary aisle you are likely to find every item skip the aisles you know offer nothing you need #let the cr take the lead on the grocery shopping and only assist as needed this is good for self-esteem and helps build confidence #buy the non-perishable items before the perishable to prevent melting thawing or spoilage #don’t impulsively buy items that are not on your shopping list unless necessary #save money by looking for generic substitutes many of the generic products taste just as good as the name brands #clip coupons to save money check their expiration dates before you go to the store and hand them to the cashier before groceries are rung up #estimate the amount the cr will spend on a shopping trip in advance and pay attention to how close what is actually spent matches the estimate make a goal of planning in advance how much money will be needed and spending that amount successful budgeting can be very satisfying you and the cr can build a small amount into the budget for an unplanned treat and still meet a goal

Materials: Caregiver with reliable transportation and the time to take the cr grocery shopping clipboard notebook paper and pen store coupons store directory with the layout of the store

Categories: Maintenance, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision

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