Care recipient (cr) needs some fun activities to do

Try: Try to keep cr cr’s skills and abilities in mind cr may be able to play simple songs learned on the piano years ago try to bring these types of skills into daily activities try to pay special attention to what cr enjoys try to take note when cr seems happy anxious distracted or irritable for example some people enjoy watching sports while others may be frightened by the pace or noise consider if cr begins activities without direction for example does cr set the table before dinner or sweep the kitchen floor mid-morning if so you may wish to plan these activities as part of the daily routine try to be aware of physical problems for example does cr get tired quickly or have difficulty seeing hearing or performing simple movements try to focus on enjoyment not achievement try to find activities that build on remaining skills and talents for example if cr was a professional artist he she might become frustrated over the declining quality of work but an amateur might enjoy a new opportunity for self expression encourage cr to get involved in daily life for example activities that help cr feel like a valued part of the household , like setting the table , can provide a sense of success and accomplishment try to relate to cr’s past work life for example a former office worker might enjoy activities that involve organizing like putting coins in a holder or making a to-do list a farmer or gardener may take pleasure in working in the yard try to look for favorites for example if cr always enjoyed drinking coffee and reading the newspaper may still find these activities enjoyable even if he she is not able to completely understand what the newspaper says consider time of day you may find cr has more success with certain activities at specific times of day such as bathing and dressing in the morning try to adjust activities to stages of memory loss for example you may want to introduce more repetitive tasks if you start to notice cr’s memory is fading try to be prepared for cr to eventually take a less active role in activities

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