Care recipient (cr) lives in another city state and friends and family need to make sure he she is properly cared for

Try: Try to find out if cr is getting the help he she needs with daily personal care such as dressing bathing and grooming try to find out if safety precautions been taken throughout cr’s home make sure that any needed additional precautions are also taken care of such as a ramp try to assess whether cr has safe transportation to doctor doctor’s appointments and other events try to make sure that cr is engaged in meaningful activities during the day such as favorite hobbies or games

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Information: And keep it handy for example make sure you have contact information for physicians pharmacies care providers and neighbors as well as important financial and legal documents easily accessible in case they are unexpectedly needed try to give yourself a break living out of town does not mean you aren’t involved or that you don’t care try to get support by connecting with others who are long-distance caregivers through an online community or a local support group

References: Adapted from www alz org long-distance caregiving by staff writer no date

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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