Care recipient (cr) lives in a distant city state and needs someone to coordinate his her care

Try: Make a list of family friends and neighbors and their phone numbers and addresses ask if you can check in with them to find out how cr is doing they may be willing to stop by cr’s home for regular visits try getting a calendar or daily planner to write down when friends family neighbors are going to be checking in on cr try to keep in contact with cr’s doctor and make sure he she has your contact

Materials: Pen and paper calendar or daily planner

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Information: In case there are concerns about cr cr’s mental or physical well-being ask cr if he she wants to sign a release of information so his her doctor is free to communicate with you try checking with local churches temples neighborhood groups and volunteer organizations they may provide meal delivery transportation or companion services try checking with aging agencies for example you may be able to access services to help cr with meals chores and transportation through your local area agency on aging to locate your area agency call the eldercare locator toll-free at 1 800 677 1116 or visit the eldercare locator website consider looking into home care services home health care workers can help cr with bathing personal care activities preparing meals and taking medications

References: Adapted from www alz org long distance caregiving by staff writer no date

Keywords: Long distance caregiving assess care needs lives alone

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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