Care recipient (cr) lives alone and care giver cg is worried about things in the home that could be dangerous

Try: Firearms should be removed from the premises even if they’re locked away they pose a risk look for gadgets that would be helpful to the cr devices that alert people to sounds such as the doorbell or phone devices that help with vision such as clip-on lights or magnifiers devices that make gripping flatware or jar lids easier

Materials: Alert systems clip on lights magnifiers

Categories: Sage, Topic, Maintenance, Medical Physical, Personal, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance, Independence, No Supervision, Vision, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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References: guide to living with dementia by home watch care givers available at www homewatchcaregivers com

Keywords: Hearing vision firearms guns grip disability

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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