Care recipient (cr) is visually impaired and needs help organizing home

Try: Keep hallways free of clutter avoid moving things in the house keep outside walkways free of twigs leaves snow and ice type out in 18 point font cr’s friends family doctor vet and emergency phone numbers and place list by each phone type cr’s medication instructions in large print put medications in large print pill dispenser using a bold marker write medication names on adhesive label and place label on medication bottles keep medication bottles in the same order on the counter or in the medicine cabinet using a bold marker write medication names and short dosage instructions on adhesive labels and put them on over the counter medication bottles or boxes make large print instructions for cr’s pet’s medications put a bold mark on dosage line of needleless syringes type in 18 point font a list of all over the counter medications and the instructions and keep list in a bathroom drawer or fold it and put it in the medicine cabinet type in 18 point font the cr’s tv channel listing type out brief instructions for using the dvd player make sure cr has a magnifying glass in each room of the house and by the phone remind cr to bring magnifying glass with them for shopping trips and other activities that may require reading something such as a restaurant menu arrange for free 411 directory assistance for cr arrange for free or reduced fare bus and cab services for cr walk cr to and from nearby stores until he or she can walk the route alone walk cr to nearest bus stop and back until he or she can walk the route alone use the internet to search and buy a check writing guide and signature guide for the cr

Materials: Bold black marker paper computer and printer internet large print pill dispenser sheets of adhesive labels magnifying glasses check writing guide signature guide magnifying mirror

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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