Care recipient (cr) is not involved in meal planning and preparation the caregiver gg needs ideas on how this could be accomplished this could help get the cr get engaged in a fun and rewarding activity instead of just sitting around and watching someone else do it

Try: Even though the cr is unable to prepare an entire meal alone just being involved in meal planning and preparation can be satisfying compile a list of the cr’s favorite foods and meals the cg and cr should both have input in making the list sit down with the cr and make menu plans for the next two weeks incorporate any special dietary needs of the cr make a companion grocery list that would go along with each meal planned try to include at least one item per meal that the cr can actually help prepare this would be his or her special contribution to the meal make adjustments for any activities scheduled around meal times for instance you could plan a crock pot meal on days when doctor’s appointments are scheduled some meals could actually be designed around a central theme such as picnic tail gate chinese italian or hispanic the theme could be expanded to include decorations and attire worn for the meal the anticipation and preparation for the event could be fun for everyone involved

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References: Adapted from the website www dementiacaregiving101 com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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