Care recipient (cr) is having trouble seeing and identifying food on plates and on the dinner table due to low vision

Try: Use dishes that have a dark side and a light side to provide contrast to the food set plates on a contrasting table cloth or placemat do not use heavily decorated plates as food becomes difficult to identify do not use clear glasses or dishes as they are invisible enhance contrast between the food and the dish or cup use a white cup when pouring coffee place the white cup on a dark placemat rather than on a white or light colored counter or table place a gooseneck lamp over the cr’s plate use pa small flashlight in restaurants increased overhead lighting may cause glare have a system for placing the food on the plate meat at 6 00 o’clock potatoes at 9 00 o’clock and vegetables at 3 00 o’clock use plates that have a rim to avoid spilling food on the table use a pusher such as a piece of bread to place food on spoon or fork eat food inward from the edge of the plate to avoid pushing food on the table

Materials: Dishes that have a dark side and a light side contrasting table cloth or placemat white coffee cup dark placemat gooseneck lamp small flashlight plates that have a rim

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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References: A adapted from useful home adaptations for the blind and visually impaired from lowvision com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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