Care recipient (cr) is bedbound and needs his bed prepared with a pull sheet to make it easier for the caregiver (cg) to turn the cr

Try: Place a waterproof mattress cover or shower liner on the bed place a fitted sheet on the bed and smooth out any wrinkles fold a queen sized flat sheet to be used as pull sheet in quarters and center it on the bed so that the top edge of the folded sheet is at the cr’s ear level and the bottom edge is above the knees place a water proof bed pad or disposable paper pad on top of the pull sheet and position it under the cr’s waist and thigh area

Materials: Waterproof mattress cover or shower liner disposable paper pads or waterproof bed pad bed linens including additional queen sized flat sheet pillows 4-5 use as needed

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References: oxygen use and care of equipment by head to toe care llc 2009 available at

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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