Care recipient (cr) is becoming unable to live safely at home without a lot of supervision

Try: Monitor home safety consider monitoring devices and environmental strategies if cr presents a wandering risk use visual cues word picture on doors drawers etc limit choices to between two items to reduce confusion arrange alternative ways of transportation where cr is always accompanied seek professional support for strategies to remove keys for example consider having cr’s physician convey the message to stop driving provide support for cr to process grief anger etc suggest to cr’family that they get emotional support too in order to carry out the strategies if the situation is difficult

Materials: Paper pen tape

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References: planning guide for dementia care at home a reference tool for care managers by the alzheimer’s association, south central wisconsin chapter the wisconsin alzheimer’s institute and the wisconsin bureau of aging and long term care resources division of disability and elder services department of health and family services 2004 available at www dhs wisconsin gov

Keywords: Driving transportation overwhelmed too many choices safety

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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