Care recipient (cr) has trouble getting daily activities done independently due to severe joint pain and stiffness

Try: Suggest that the cr try bundling activities the cr would go out to one area at a time and do everything needed in that area while he or she is there suggest that the cr try to use whatever muscles are largest and strongest rather than smaller weaker ones for example carry things with a shoulder bag instead of a hand bag the shoulder bag would use stronger and larger muscles encourage cr to ask for help when it is needed this might be difficult to do at first but should become easier with practice suggest that the cr try to get a handicapped parking sticker this can be obtained from your state state’s registry of motor vehicles the application usually requires a doctor doctor’s signature the handicapped sticker would ensure that cr could always park close to the entrance of the building he or she is going to this may enable the cr to get out more suggest that cr consider other transportation options for example many communities provide rides for seniors otherwise the cr could take a cab or getting a ride from a friend relative or caregiver

Materials: Shoulder bag or back pack

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, Personal, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance, Immobile

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with arthritis by staff writer no date

Keywords: Joints pain in joints swollen joints stiffness stiff back stiff neck gross motor coordination fine motor coordination

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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