Care recipient (cr) has trouble entering or exiting vehicles due to height of car and or an inflexible hip joint

Try: Exit try # glue strips of sandpaper to one 12 x18 side of each block # attach door handle to the 12 x3 side of each block # you now have three steps which are to be kept in the car most often used to transport the cr # before the cr enters or exits the car set up the steps next to the door the cr will be using # use one two or three steps as needed based on the height of the car and the cr cr’s needs # the sandpaper provides traction so that one block can sit on top of the other and so that the cr cr’s foot won’t slip off the block # using three smaller blocks rather than one large block makes them easier to store in the car lighter for the caretaker to use and flexible so that the height can be adjusted to work in different cars or with different people # the handle on the end makes it easier for caregiver to move the blocks in and out of the car

Materials: Three rectangular wooden blocks 12 x18 x3 hardware store or lumber yard six strips coarse-grained heavyweight sandpaper enough to cover three 12 x18 rectangles three metal door handles adhesive caregiver to set up blocks and aid in en

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