Care recipient (cr) has difficulty getting into a car

Try: Park far enough away from the curb that the cr is able to enter the car from level ground adjust the seat and seat back to allow plenty of entry room and leg room the cr should back into the seat so that his or her buttocks are leading the way the cr can reach for the seat back or dashboard while lowering him or herself into the car once seated with buttocks fully in seat the cr should lift legs one at a time into the car and then make seat adjustments as needed use a pillow to increase height of car seat if needed for extra stability instead of a regular pillow purchase a square of heavy-duty foam at a fabric store and cut it to size place a plastic bag on the car seat to make swiveling in seat easier if needed

Materials: Plastic bag pillow or foam square

Categories: Maintenance

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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