Care recipient (cr) living at home is beginning to lose track of bill payments some go unpaid while others are double paid

Try: # ask the cr if he or she would like help getting organized with paying bills explain that you enjoy helping people with their finances and you have some ideas that would make the task easier # ask how the cr currently handles bills ask how he or she knows they are paid when the bills are paid where the old bills are kept etc keep the questions conversational so that the cr will not feel as though this is an interrogation # compliment all organization techniques that the cr currently uses and incorporate as many of them as possible in the plan # set up brightly colored folder or box where all bills go when they arrive in the mail label it clearly with a felt-tipped marker bills to pay # label second folder or box bills paid put currently unpaid bills in the bills to pay folder # ask the cr if you can sit with him or her while he or she writes the checks for the bills suggest he or she write paid on the bill stubs that are paid and put them into the bills paid folder as the cr does them # ask where older paid bills go so that they can be stored for tax purposes etc suggest using the third folder to transfer older bills to when the next bill is paid label this file records suggest a bigger box to store bills of years past # suggest to the cr that you can help on a regular schedule if he or she would find this helpful or you can check in occasionally and see how things are going

Materials: Felt-tipped markers in and out mail trays pens and pencils file box three strikingly colored file folders or three paper-sized boxes of different colors

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