The Care recipient (cr) needs help organizing his or her insurance information

Try: # keep insurance

Materials: # folder # pen pencil paper # postage envelopes

Categories: Financial

Information: Together in a folder or envelope properly labeled so the cr can easily find it among other material # decide on a secure place to keep the folder # assist the cr with making a list of all insurance coverage # go through all of the policies and answer any questions the cr may have # make notes of complicated information and break it into smaller simple sentences so the cr understands the information # go through insurance mail with the cr and explain the information to the cr before filing it in the folder envelope # discard old information as new cards policies are received so that the folder is kept up to dare # explain any changes that occur with new insurance information # set aside a regular time to sit down with the cr and assist him or her with paying insurance bills # consider preparing several addressed and stamped envelopes in advance # make a list of insurance contact information and keep it in the folder # keep contact information updated information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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