It is important for you as the caregiver to be aware of what important financial legal medical and personal documents and records are needed for…

Try: It is important for you as the caregiver to be aware of what important financial legal medical and personal documents and records are needed for the care recipient gather up and store all of these records in an appropriate place organize the records so that they can be easily accessed when needed provide all caregivers and family members with an index or list of all of the important documents and where they are stored it is important to do this sooner than later you do not want to wait until you have a crisis on your hands and then try to track down important papers and documents under what could be stressful conditions with tight deadlines here is a helpful list of important records and documents that are needed for most care recipients professional contacts names addresses and phone numbers         doctors                     attorneys tax advisor accountant stockbroker clergy financial planner professional and or social organizations plumber electrician outside maintenance security system company         cleaning lawn         mowing snow and         leaf removal personal contacts names addresses and phone numbers         family members                               friends neighbors church acquaintances basic documents         birth certificate               marriage certificate divorce decree adoption papers military discharge papers citizenship naturalization papers social security card certificate for cemetery plot spouse’s death certificate safe location and combination will original and copies bank safe deposit key and location trusts power of attorney for health care recent income tax returns power of attorney for finances credit card information will original and copies passport burial and cremation policy or plans receipts for tax deductions do not resuscitate order location assets         checking account               savings account deferred compensation property owned bond and stock certificates mutual fund shares 401 k plans iras keogh plans mortgages owed or owned promissory notes owned contracts to sell real estate owned debts owed to elder amounts due from claims royalties annuities judgments pension plans military retirement benefits profit-sharing plans insurance         life insurance policies         automobile insurance policies homeowner’s insurance policy renter’s insurance policy liability insurance policy umbrella insurance policy disability insurance policy health accident insurance policies long-term care insurance policy valuables insurance policies automobiles and boats         titles                                                 maintenance and repair records real estate         real estate deeds                       rents owed to elder real estate mortgages vacation home or timeshare household inventory         room by room list and                     easements rights-of-way photographic record loans         bank loans-business                     bank loans-personal credit union loans automobile loans and leases personal loans installment loans finance company loans references adapted from eldercare for dummies by rachelle zukerman phd

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