Important lists that the Care recipient (cr) needs to create

Try: Compile the following

Materials: Pen & paper or computer

Categories: Financial, Legal, Medical Physical, Personal

Information: Into 1 or several lists bank account numbers including bank name phone number and address safe deposit box number trusts or wills and attorney information titles and deeds to property social security number and birth certificate education and military information if any emergency contacts religious memberships affiliations lists of employers including dates marriage certificates most recent tax returns mortgage and other financial documents if any locations of family keepsakes treasures and jewelry list of family members names and addresses information the cr needs to make copies of these lists and give to his or her caregiver and or family members

References: Adapted from material found in the book caregiving the spiritual journey of love loss and renewal by beth witrogen mcleod

Keywords: Financial legal family taxes

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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