Care recipient needs information on ways to prevent identity theft

Try: # don’t give an email address if asked to by a web site email addresses can be legally sold to companies that are involved in phishing scams these identity thieves contact people by email and ask for money or send an email with links to websites that allow them to access all files on a computer # don’t respond to text messages or emails that appear to be sent from a company the cr has done business with # don’t provide any personal

Materials: # paper shredder # lock box

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Information: Social security number date of birth address etc by email text message or over the phone # buy a shredder and shred all credit card applications and catalog order forms received in the mail # when moving to a new home keep everything that lists any financial information – files tax archives bills bank statements check books credit cards etc – in a lock box on move day know the location of that box at all times to ensure the safety of sensitive personal information # if the cr becomes sick or dies contact the social security administration ssa of the death at 800-722-1213 the ssa maintains a master file that is used by all the credit reporting agencies before issuing credit make sure that a trusted family member or friend knows how to access the cr’s email and online accounts so that they can be accessed or terminated information

References: Adapted from tips for seniors on how to avoid id theft from helpnetsecurity org

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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