Care recipient (cr) with poor vision wants to keep writing checks so a template is used as an aid

Try: #place the check on the poster board use the box cutter or craft knife to cut a rectangle the same size as the check #secure the check to the poster board rectangle and cut rectangular spaces through both in the spaces corresponding to the date payable to space numeral and written amounts of check signature and memo lines #paperclip the template above each check to be filled out and the template will act as a tactile guide for the cr #a similar template can be cut to act as a guide for any document requiring a signature simply cut a rectangle out of the poster board and within it cut out a smaller rectangle to be used as a guide for signing papers the smaller rectangle should have about a half-inch height and a two-and-a-half inch width although the measurement can be adjusted to personal taste

Materials: Poster board sheet box cutter or craft knife a check for guide

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