Care recipient (cr) mentions that cash just seems to vanish without the cr knowing how it has been spent

Try: #a caregiver (cg) can suggest to the cr that cash spending can be tracked if the cr requests a receipt for every purchase #the minute a receipt is handed to the cr after a sale the cr can tuck it into the small envelope which can be kept in a a wallet or purse just for that purpose #the cr carries the small envelope for a month at the end of which it is emptied and reviewed many people find they spend more money than they realize on little things that add up over days and weeks if saving money or tracking expenses is a goal saving receipts and looking at them after a month is one good step #while the receipts are out the cr can add up how much cash was spent and how continuing to spend money in those amounts for those items can be reconsidered and if desired the cr can make a mini-budget for spending money #after reviewing the receipts put them in the large manila envelope with other documentation of the month month’s paid bills and print the month and year printed on the outside of it documents might include bank statements bill stubs etc ideally each month month’s envelope would get stored with others in an easy-to-reach location #at the beginning of the next month the new budget for spending money can be tried out by putting some or all of the cash in the small envelope and again collecting receipts for all the items purchased with cash during the month if it is helpful the cr may want to write an outline of the budget on the outside of the small envelope as a reminder of his or her goals

Materials: Small envelope large manila envelope

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