Care recipient (cr) is being taken advantage of by friends and or relatives

Try: Suggest that cr try joking around about the friend or relative’s absentmindedness for example if cr’s friend relative chronically forgets his her wallet assume that he she will do so the next time the cr goes out to dinner with them before cr leaves for the restaurant suggest that he she smile and poke fun you sure you’ve got your wallet this time if they want to borrow something that probably isn’t going to get returned suggest that cr say something to the effect of pretty soon you’re going to have my entire wardrobe suggest that cr maintain a cheery disposition – the moocher should register that cr is on to them although that that’s not always enough to make them stop at a restaurant suggest that cr ask for separate checks when he she orders if cr’s friend relative tends to not order anything but then picks incessantly at cr’s dish suggest that cr cough lightly on his her food and say something like you might not want to eat these nachos i think i might be getting the flu why don’t i order you a separate dish when cr orders suggest that he she ask for that dish to be on a separate check if cr’s friend relative thinks that that’s poor etiquette suggest that cr say something like i’m writing it off as a business expense; i have to have separate receipts in case i screw up and get audited suggest that cr casually mention on his her way out to eat that he she only brought enough money to pay for yhim herelf or suggest that cr say when he she is planning the outing that everyone will be paying for themselves encourage cr to stick to this when the bill comes encourage cr to get to the root of his her friend relative’s financial woes every time they’re short on cash encourage cr to make it a point to bring up the friend relative’s money issues in private shortly afterward suggest that cr approach the matter delicately but encourage cr to make it clear that he she has noticed the friend relative’s pattern so that they don’t feel like their mooching can slip under the radar for example cr sould say something like i’ve noticed lately that you’ve been having a hard time pitching in when we go out is everything ok or i’m a little worried about you; you seem to be short on cash even though you just got a job raise did something happen

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References: how to deal with a mooching friend by web contributors 2011 available at www wikihow com

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