Care recipient (cr) abuse neglect in healthcare facilities is a serious problem this behavior can possibly be prevented by the following actions

Try: Be present the best way to make sure the cr is safe while in a nursing home is to visit often it is a fact that clients who have regular visitation from family and friends are less likely to be abused be vigilant abuse can be physical or emotional as how they are being treated or examine the cr physically learn to recognize symptoms of elder abuse this could verify neglect or abuse establish relationships with staff getting to know staff will lessen the possibility of abuse take time to get to know the people who are caring for your sick or elderly loved one reporting abuse do not neglect to report and suspected abuse immediately there are organizations and governmental agencies that will follow up on these claims consider hiring an elder abuse lawyer for advice participate actively when visiting the nursing home notice if there is something that needs to be done wash their face comb their hair if needed read a story or show family pictures to encourage and remind them of great times they had in the past have a visitation schedule get together with family members and set of a schedule of visitation so that the burden is not place all on one person this will also show much needed support to the nursing home staff

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