Care recipient (cr) has poor nutritional intake due to normal aging changes in smell and taste

Try: Ensure the cr has good oral hygiene try brushing teeth before meals to promote freshness which promotes eating thoroughly cleanse dentures thoroughly cleanse mouth before returning dentures to mouth encourage cessation of smoking and alcohol abuse which can effect smell and taste sensation and lead to mouth dryness encourage use of sugar-free gum and candy to increase salivation artificial saliva may be considered encourage use of seasonings other than salt to flavor foods such as lemon spices and herbs provide fluids with meals since saliva production decreases with age be sure colds and nasal congestion are treated as they reduce sense of smell and appreciation of appetizing odors of food

Materials: Oral care products such as toothbrush toothpaste and mouthwash sugar free gum and candy low-sodium spices and seasonings

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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