Visitors find it hard to find the right things to say when care recipients cr’s hallucinate or are confused about where they or others are

Try: Getting a conversation started say hello and use the cr’s name or your name for them mom dad start with an icebreaker like i’m so happy to see you you look very nice today i love that color on you or what’s happening with you today ending a conversation without hurting feelings end on a positive note – i enjoyed visiting with you so much affirm the cr i always feel good after talking with you seeing you is the best part of my day or i like listening to your stories and laughing with you; you are so much fun avoid open-ended questions that require a lot of explanation don’t say – what television programs do you like do say – would you like to watch television don’t say – tell me a story about when you were little do say – do you feel like telling me a story now when to touch or not touch the best way is to just ask do say -i’m really in the mood for a hug; how about you may i hold your hand may i give you a kiss on the cheek before i go when the cr is forgetful and repetitive don’t say – you just told me that story do say – it’s okay you will think of it later i love that story; i’m glad you reminded me or relax; it will come to you later say no without saying no do say – i wish i could that would be nice; maybe another day we can that’s a good idea but i can’t today or i will look into that for you

Materials: Patience love and humor way of talking that accepts the cr’s reality

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