The Care recipient (cr) has difficulty making it to the bathroom before wetting his or her clothes

Try: #kindly reveal that you have noticed this problem and suggest that the cr try to use the bathroom every hour #encourage the cr to cut down on caffeinated beverages #hang a dry erase board or a piece of paper with a strung pencil in the bathroom with two columns for wet and dry this is optional #ask the cr to check his or her clothes when in the bathroom each hour and place a checkmark in one of the columns #discuss wearing pads if accidents continue to happen after one week of going to the bathroom every hour #talk with the cr about the comfort he or she will have in knowing clothes are dry this will relieve anxiety embarrassment and it will keep the skin healthy wet skin can cause rashes and discomfort communicate that you do not want the cr to experience this #encourage the cr to continue using the bathroom hourly even if pads are worn

Materials: Dry erase board optional incontinence pads or pull-ups

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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