Pets have many benefits for most care recipients cr however a pet is not a miracle cure for the cr a pet is only beneficial and comforting if the situation is right the following are tips to know when considering if a pet is right for the cr

Try: Pets cost money food bills veterinary care grooming and other costs can be expensive this could be an issue if the cr is on a fixed or limited income pets require time and attention some pets need daily exercise to stay calm and well-balanced; most other pets require at least daily care and attention be sure to match the right pet with the cr pets can be destructive pets have accidents while training can help with this pets can still damage property or causes messes pets can injure people cats and dogs can injure people through biting or scratching pets carry health risks for some people pets can cause allergies in some people make sure the pet fits with people that visit the cr regularly as well

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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