Many care recipient’s cr will have the need for intimacy at any age depending on the cr sex at older ages can present challenges because of physical or emotional issues the following are tips designed to help the cr enjoy intimacy

Try: Focus on physical touch and intimacy take the pressure off by putting aside old ideas of what sex should be have the cr focus instead on the importance of tenderness and contact share experiences start with a romantic dinner or breakfast having an experience together sexual or not is a powerful way of connecting intimately don’t be shy encourage the cr to hold hands and touch his or her partner often have the cr tell the partner what he or she loves about the partner hi relax find something that relaxes both partners whether it’s trying massage or baths together relaxation fosters confidence and comfort in the cr expanding the definition of intimacy sexuality necessarily takes on a broader definition as we age try to open up to the idea that intimacy can mean many things for the cr and that closeness with a partner can be expressed in many ways natural changes due to aging as the cr ages it it’s normal for her and her partner to have different sexual abilities and needs find new ways to enjoy physical contact and intimacy the cr may have intercourse less often than she used to but the closeness and love will remain

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