Care recipient’s cr family members often squabble about cargiving issues

Try: Try to listen to each family member with respect try to give everyone an opportunity to share their opinion and avoid blaming or attacking each other as this will only cause more hurt try discussing caregiving responsibilities talk through caregiving roles and responsibilities make a list of tasks and include how much time money and effort may be involved to complete them divide tasks according to the family member’s p

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References: And abilities some family members may be hands-on caregivers responding immediately to issues and organizing resources others may be more comfortable with being told to complete specific tasks continue to talk try to keep the lines of communication open for example try scheduling regular meetings or conference calls to keep everyone involved up-to-date discuss how things are working reassess the needs of cr and decide if any changes in responsibilities are needed plan for anticipated changes as cr’s needs change try to cope with changes and loss together try to remember that it is normal to experience feelings of loss caregivers and family members may want to seek support from others who are dealing with similar situations support groups are available try locating a support group in your area or join an online message board try seeking help from others you may want to seek help from a trusted third party such as a spiritual leader mediator or counselor sometimes an outside perspective can help everyone take a step back and work through the difficult issues references adapted from www alz org late-stage caregiving by staff writer no date

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