Care recipient (cr) sits for long periods of time staring blankly he she seems indifferent or depressed

Try: Engage cr in his her favorite activities reminisce about past events that cr is more likely to remember play music with a strong tempo and encourage cr to clap or stomp his her feet acknowledge cr cr’s feelings realize that he she may be feeling grief over physical and mental losses due to a medical issue or grieving over deceased loved ones use simple humor such as a book of jokes or old tv comedies to lighten things up consider enrolling cr in an elder care program that engages cr in appropriate activities

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References: managing challenging behaviors in people with alzheimer’s by mayo clinic on alzheimer alzheimer’s disease petersen ronald ed 2002 available at www christianacare org

Keywords: Indifferent indifference apathy depressed depression needs cheering up blank stare stares into space lack of motivation doesn’t want to do anything grieving over death of loved one grief loss of spouse helplessness gloomy needs goal directed activity

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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