Care recipient (cr) may need to make a housing change in the future but has concerns about it

Try: There is a wide array of housing options available to the cr the costs vary based on the type of housing needed and some options can be quite expensive in addition the quality of life also varies and any kind of change for the elderly cr can be difficult talking to the cr about possible changes in housing can cause considerable anxiety it may be difficult for the cr to think about losing independence future medical concerns or the potential costs the following are some typical cr concerns along with suggestions on how to overcome them the cr does not want to discuss the housing issue and prefers to wait until the time when a change is needed the cr shouldn’t worry excessively about the future but almost everyone will have to consider housing options at some point either for his or herself or for a loved one the more the cr plans ahead the more control the cr has in the decision everyone loses if an emergency strikes and a decision is rushed it can be very difficult to make an important decision about housing in a crisis situation the cr is concerned about involving family in the housing decision making process it is not an easy conversation but it is important to communicate with family members about the potential housing changes family members will want to help the cr with the decisions however they may also be balancing work their own children or other commitments clear communication from the outset can help avoid misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations the cr will not listen to spouse partner it’s painful for the cr’s significant other to see a loved one having trouble while the spouse partner can’t force the cr to accept help or move he or she can be supportive the spouse partner with should talk with the cr’s medical team sometimes the cr may be more willing to listen to a doctor care manager or other impartial party the family is concerned that the cr will need more help than can be provided care giving may start with small assistance and rapidly evolve into an all-consuming task family members may be juggling the needs of others in the family or their work getting help outside of the family for the cr is not a bad thing; rather it means the family really cares about the cr cr’s health and well being

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