Care recipient (cr) is having difficulty adjusting to life after driving a car

Try: Making the transition to life after driving a car may be easier if you can convince the cr of the following benefits saving money the cr can save money on the cost of car ownership including gasoline repairs and maintenance insurance license and registration these savings can help fund other transportation if necessary in fact if the cr only rarely uses a car he or she may actually save money improved health the loss of driving privileges can provide an opportunity for the cr to improve his or her health through exercise regular exercise from walking and cycling can provide an energy boost better sleep and improved self-confidence however certain precautions need to be taken before the cr starts an exercise program socialization loss of driving privileges can result in an expanded social group for the cr riding with others can provide opportunities to connect with new people it may feel burdensome to depend on others for transportation but the cr can benefit from the social interactions for example crs who live in a senior housing community may find it fun riding on the facility van to church shopping centers sporting events concerts movies and so on slower pace of living and reduced stress while the cr may lose some independence by not driving anymore he or she can realize the benefits of a slower pace of living and less stress

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