Care recipient (cr) is depressed and is talking much less than usual

Try: #the cr may no longer feel wanted or useful encourage the cr help with everyday tasks by asking for help and giving sincere thanks when it is given #try to provide tasks the cr enjoys doing and does well engagement in fun and meaningful activities may help lift the depression and result in more communication #the cr may feel more comfortable talking while busy join the cr in a task or bring some handwork of your own to a shared space for example if the cr enjoys baking ask him or her to bake a special dish and then take a break to share a cup of coffee or tea if you are cooking ask the cr to clean or chop vegetables for you or read a recipe aloud to you #let the cr know you respect his or her right to private thoughts but that you are concerned by the changes you see and are available to listen if the cr wants to talk listen without giving false assurances that everything will be alright you don’t know that everything will be alright but you can promise to be with the cr through the good times and the bad to the best of your ability

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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