Care recipient (cr) has trouble finding the right words to say

Try: Use good listening skills keep eye contact and use touch to reassure and show interest in what cr is saying show interest in what cr says and feels pay attention to his her voice and gestures to better understand his her feelings keep in mind that emotions are sometimes more important than what is being said if it is difficult to understand what cr is trying to say ask him her to point or gesture if cr is having difficulty finding the right word offer a guess if cr uses the wrong word and care giver cg knows what is meant go ahead and supply the correct word if this upsets cr do not correct him her next time or in the future if cr is upset but unable to explain it verbally give comfort and reassurance cr may become more upset if he she is pressured to explain

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References: communicating with your loved one who has alzheimer’s by mayo clinic on alzheimer alzheimer’s disease petersen ronald ed 2002 available at www christianacare org

Keywords: Disoriented speech communication communicating jumbled speech talking conversation confused speech jumbled words trouble expressing with words verbal verbalizing

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