Care recipient (cr) has too many medical bills and has considerable anxiety over the issue

Try: Encourage the cr to implement the following recommendations create a file that has documentation related to your finances and medical expenses the file should include the following

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Information: All of your assets and liabilities all of your sources and uses of cash income from wages social security disability and so on photocopies of your paycheck and other sources of income cost of living expenses and other expenses repayment terms on all of your debts medical bills and other obligations a description of the ongoing medical care that you need photocopies of statements from your bills bank account and so on write a letter to each of your creditors that explains your financial circumstances provide copies of documentation from your file to back up what you are saying explain that you are making a concerted effort to reduce your living expenses so that you can pay all of your creditors explain that you are having considerable anxiety over finances keep the tone of the letter kind and respectful ask for the creditor creditor’s help in resolving this matter ask for a full or partial forgiveness of the debt some medical establishments may write off some or even 100 of medical debt however they will not do it if you don’t ask ask for less stringent repayment terms on the medical debt you may be able to negotiate a longer term or reduced payments information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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